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HydroFLOW Canada uses the Globally Patented HydroPATH Technology - a world renowned innovative European technology that enables customers large and small in over 70 countries, to experience all the wonderful benefits of treated water without the hassle of a costly, inconvenient, and environmentally “unfriendly” salt - based system. 
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< 5000 sq Ft | Condos

HS38 City Water System

List Selling Price $289 CAD

> 5000 sq Ft | Homes | Business

HS40 Large Home Systtem

List Selling Price $1,399 CAD

< 5000 sq Ft | Homes | Business

S38 Well Water System

List Seling Price $749 CAD

Residential Pools and Spas

K40 Pool and Spa System

List Selling Price $1,795 CAD

Differentiate Your Plumbing and Heating Business With Hydroflow’s Patented Water Conditioning Technology - No Salt Needed

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