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Posted by Hydroflow Canada on 2018 Nov 19th

5.0 out of 5 starspetite merveille...

October 17, 2017

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fonctionne tres bien...tres satisfaite...

Jake Bezaire

5.0 out of 5 starsI have had one installed in my home for over ...

September 28, 2015

I have had one installed in my home for over 5 years now. No issues. No more hard water. No more salt for a water softener.


5.0 out of 5 stars21st Century Scale Protection

February 5, 2018 - Published on

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There are those who reject the science that a very low frequency electromagnetic field (or powerful magnets properly situated) will deionize minerals as the water flows through the wire-wrap or magnets' location to inhibit scaling in addition to breaking up existing scale. This review is not for you.

A fact only recently admitted to by some wrapped-wire manufacturers is the minerals reionize in a short period of time. In order to keep a 40-50 gallon heater treated means using lots of hot water.

As well, the manual for a recently sold unit from a major manufacturer states: "When the option is available, wrap the coil on PVC, as the electric fields will be more effective in plastic than in metal pipes." And paraphrasing a lengthy paragraph: Treated water reverts to its original state after 48 hours. The water sitting in your water heater will tend to behave as untreated. We recommend a supplemental unit on the outlet of the water heater for "long periods of absence" or not using your hot water. (Some would dispute 48 hours as being overly generous.)

This is why the full-time "broadcast" of a 150 kHz signal throughout any (copper, iron, PVC, PEX) household plumbing (water running or not) is considerably more effective and Hydropath technology does just that. This means, too, the water in the heater tank gets full-time treatment.

Consider it a 21st Century upgrade to the 20th Century methods of electromagnetics or monster strong magnets which were upgrades to 19th century use of lodestones piled onto pipes.

My HS38, installed in October 2017, is doing a great job mounted on the supply pipe on my water heater in my 1100 square foot house, far better than the premium ($300) wire-wrap unit it replaced. I live in the SW desert in the USA where the water is about as hard as it can get, so results are easy to observe.

 Amazon Customer5.0 out of 5 starsAmazing ProductJuly 24, 2018 - Published on Amazon.comVerified Purchase

I usually don't post reviews however, I spent quite some time researching for a modern descaler and decided to share my experience.The short version:Pros:- latest generation of descaler technology- easy to install (took me 5 minutes)- came with a free surge protector- clear indicator light when operational- no maintenece needed (and no more chemicals)- 3 year warranty (I appreciate a company that stands behind it's products)- After almost 2 months of use clearly better than my old softener.- won several awards - always nice to know that professionals verified that the product does what is promissed better than the competitionCons:- non so farLong Version:I get my water from the city, the water is not as bad as well water when it comes to limestone, but clearly requires further treatment.We are 4 people in a 2200sqrt house, we use a decent amount of water.I was looking for a solution for all the scale collecting on my shower heads, taps, heater , dishwasher etc...),I was using a water softener to achieve this, but I was not happy, not with the salt process involved, and not from the results (at the time it was the only technology available).When i started looking at descaler technologies, I was impressed how much has changed, after the chemical descalers, electrical descalers took over the market ( they we're definitely better than the old chemical approach), looking at that generation I accidently encountered HydroFlows products which were a newer technology (next generation after the electirc descalers) based on a magnetic reaction changing the scale composition so it passed through the system without sticking.I've never heard about this product or company, nor did I know about the changes in the field so I decided to consult afriend of mine who's a commercial Plummer, to my surprise he was familiar with the company and shared with me that he has been using the HydroFlows commerical prodcuts for several years with great success, and apperantly he installed a system at my local gym and solved serious problems for the owner, he had only good words about the company and the products.Armed with all this info I decided to buy the S38 (based on my house size and using city water, the HS38 was targeting a smaller houses).I cleaned all appliances and systems before installing the S38, as I wanted to test the system.Almost 60 days in I'm impressed. there are no signs of new scale build up.I did notice some scale in the water, apperantly as promised by the company, the S38 started to break up some of the old scale build up i had in the pippes (old softener was not as good as I imagined).Its early to say for sure but so far so good,The product delivers everything that is promissed.I will update in 6 months.


W5.0 out of 5 starsWorks even better than advertised - and customer service is over the top!December 15, 2016 - Published on Amazon.comVerified PurchaseWorks even better than advertised. Glasses, dishes come out of the dishwasher crystal clear. No more scale on shower heads, sinks, refrigerator ice and water dispensers, etc. Simple to install and works like a charm.After having great results for 18 months, my S38 seemed to stop working. I contacted the Hydroflow USA folks and their willingness to help me get my unit working again was impressive - even though the unit was no longer under warranty. They had me send them the unit and they checked it out. Testing indicated the unit was working better than spec. Even though the problem was now on my end, a Hydroflow executive worked with me to better locate the unit and, once again, it is working to perfection. They did all of this without charge. Dishwasher, all water fixtures, etc. are scaleless and shining again. Glasses are crystal clear. I have never experienced customer service like this for a product that was out of warranty!

Matthew5.0 out of 5 starsGreat Product, Works Great!August 22, 2018 - Published on Amazon.comVerified Purchase

I have a drip irrigation system for my garden, I noticed that some of my plants started drying out. Upon further inspection of the lines, some of the holes were clogged up, due to scale build up. After doing research I found hydrowflow, this product prevents minerals in the water from bonding to the inside of the plumbing. The minerals in the water simply pass through the system. The installation of this product was extremely simple. I have not had any issues with my irrigation system and would highly recommended this product.

Jared VL

5.0 out of 5 starsWorks Great

August 27, 2018

Size: S38 - 3,000 MAX Sq Ft, Up to 1.25" Pipe ODVerified Purchase

Just installed my HydroFLOW unit. Was a little wary, as I've seen other products promise reversal of scale. Within a week of installing the product, I can easily wipe away any buildup of the white stuff. So far, so good.