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Posted by Satisfied Customer on 2019 Jan 27th

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First name: Matt

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Product(s): HydroFlow HS38

How Did You Hear About Hydroflow?

Questions/Comments: I have had an HS38 installed on my home water supply line for something like 4 years now. To be honest as a plumber by trade I was skeptical to say the least. It has now been 4 years since I have had to lug a bag of salt to my basement and as of 3 years ago my original water softener has been removed completely from the system and has been sitting in my shed in the back yard. I used to have heavy scale deposits on my fixtures in the house that required regular cleanings. Since the HS38 has been plugged in I have had ZERO limescale on any fixture in the house. I also recently redid my whole mechanical room removing all the old copper lines. To my amazement all the lines were completely free of any kind of scale inside and still looked like a fresh installation.

My main question is, is there better products for larger homes, and is there any kind of program where I can test units even potentially on my commercial contract properties as a product reviewer or something similar. I want to get the word out, but no one wants to listen!

Also is there even a dealer in my area. Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge? I have told many customers about this product